Negligent Security

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New York Negligent Security Lawyer

Negligent security cases come in many forms. In New York, a property owner or manager can be held liable for injuries inflicted by someone not employed by the property owner or manager. In order to prove this type of claim, you have to show that the security guards/bouncers either knew or should have known about a potential danger.

If there is evidence that certain patrons were acting in a rowdy manner and/or making threats, this might get passed the notice requirement.

A property owner can also be held responsible for the intentional, reckless or negligent/accidental conduct of its own security personnel.

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Types of Negligent Security Cases That The LAW TEAM Has Handled

Attorney Haicken settled a case for a Brooklyn woman who was caused to fall to the ground when a security guard ran into her. The guard was chasing someone he suspected of shoplifting. He forgot that his main purpose was to keep customers safe and was determined to catch the fleeing shoplifter at all costs. As the guard rushed out of the store, he didn't notice a customer walking in. He slammed into her, sending her to the ground. This resulted in a wrist injury from the fall.

Attorney Haicken represented two women who were assaulted by a bouncer at a bar in Harlem. Video showed a chaotic melee. Even though the women were clearly very drunk and certainly not free of fault, the bouncer went too far when he punched them both in the face.

Attorney Haicken represented a man who was assaulted in his apartment in the Bronx. The allegation was that this was a high crime area, and the building management should have installed more stringent security measures to keep assailants out. Several of the doors to the building had malfunctioning locks, and there were no security cameras.

Members of the LAW TEAM have also worked on cases involving patrons of bars who were assaulted by other patrons.

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